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State of Wisconsin Laws & Information for Assessing

Agricultural Use Valuation

*** Assessed at a reduced Ag Use value per Acre for Year 2024 --- This Ag Use value is set by Wis Dept of Revenue for township each year 

*** Must be used for Ag Use (tillable or pastured with cattle ) each year to qualify, minimum requirement harvest 1 crop of hay each year. ( not brush cutter )

Ag Forest Valuation

***You may also qualify for Ag Forest 50% of market value (if you have mixed parcel of forest and tillable or pasture and was assessed tillable or pasture in 2004 tax roll).

***If you didn't have any tillable or pasture assessed in the 2004 tax roll, you have to convert 50% of the acerage to pasture or tillable to qualify for Ag Forest.

Forest Valuation

***Forest without ag land on same parcel has to be valued at full value

***Managed Forest Program is taxed per acre according to your contract signup with DNR.   *** See Tax rates per acre

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